Eberron Adventures

Adventure the Second

The characters find the House Sivis message station they are told to check routinely for a message for a potential job offer ransacked. They piece together that it was done by a warforged with a few kobold followers. They receive a message from a giant owl shortly after to meet Lady E. While discussing they’re next venture they are attacked by a warforged and several kobolds. They fight off the warforge and head to Darguun to meet a contact to help them to they’re next destination. Along the way their ship is attacked by skeletons. After they pay horrendously for transport to the next location they head to Rose Quarry where they find Emerald Claw agents already searching the area. After finding the location of Whitehearth they pay even more for a ride to it in the Mournland. In Whitehearth they befriend an awaked dire wolf and eventually find the Schema. They are ambushed leaving the facility by the Emerald Claw who they give a copy of the Schema to. They return to Darguun and are paid to transport Lady E. back to Sharn.

The First Schema

The characters started in a abandoned part of the underbelly of Sharn in search of a Schema for Lady Elaydrin d’Cannith. After dealing with the forges guardians and the inhabitants of the caves they found the Schema and were then ambushed by a follower of the Lord of Blades. They managed to fight him off and return to the surface with the Schema. They were instructed by Elaydrin to check in with the House Sivis message station for more possible work.


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