Eberron Adventures

Session 1/22

Sur’Kil returned to the characters with a story about how previous adventurers to the temple of Kha’Shazul showed the same symptoms they did after leaving. He believes the leader of the previous expedition, a Sarlonan named Jheamast, had the artifact the Emerald claw was after, the “Dragon’s Eye” and was buried with it somewhere in the Lhazaar principalities. He hired the characters to search out this new relic and gave them the elemental galleon and a supply of sending stones to keep him informed on their progress.

After searching for information in Port Regal the characters find that the last expedition to Jheamasts tomb was by an adventure named Eliam about 2 years ago. No one knows the whereabouts of Eliam but there is a journal of his expedition that was recently acquired by a Karnathi expatriate named Vorgaard. After the characters spent about half an hour debating on whether to send him a gift with their request to see the journal (they decided to after letting it come to a die roll) they left for his mansion.

After they arrived at the mansion they found it to be on fire and the entrance to be surrounded Emerald Claw soldiers. After dealing with them and entering they found themselves facing the woman who confronted them in the jungle. She used some type of item to animate the massive squid hung from the ceiling. After dealing with them we ended the session with the characters headed into Vogaards library.



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