Eberron Adventures

Session 1/15

The characters continued deeper into the tunnels beneath Kha’shazul. They encountered some demonic doglike creatures (Canoloths) in the next room and after dealing with them made their way across some moving platforms and onto the next room. The next room was filled with spinning blades and after moving into the room they found it was also guarded by two small constructs. After eventually making their way through they found the final cavern in the tunnels and, after nearly plunging into the lava from a broken bridge in the room they found what seemed to be the relics they were looking for. As they reached them a mummified half-dragon burst out of a sarcophagus and nearly wiped the entire group out with a single breath weapon attack. After yet another fight where the characters thought they were goners they triumphed and gathered what they could from the temple. They used a sending stone to request a wagon and some chests be sent out to pick them up and waited.
After 5 days the characters noticed people coming up the path, emerald claw soldiers. After being asked repeatedly for something called “The Dragon’s Eye” they ended up fighting the soldiers and dealt with them easily. They did eventually get their wagon and chests and made they’re way back to town. They eventually noticed strange marks appearing on their skin and after reaching town recounted all the events to Sur’kil. He asked the characters to give him a few days to do some research on what they’ve told him and they are now waiting to hear back from him and possibly get some more work.



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