Eberron Adventures

Session 12/18

The characters continued after healing up after the previous fight. They ran into another group of lizardmen and, after another fight where I was pushing for a TPK, retreated to the jungle to regroup. They returned and found a passage in a well that led beneath the temple. Below they found the black dragons’, who had been plaguing them throughout the temple, hoard. After a very quick sort through the hoard Quentin found a secret passage that lead to a long hallway with a portcullis at the end. After reaching the portcullis the characters activated a trap and the wall began moving towards them. Using the staff of polymorph, Lanbo turned himself into a dire bear and smashed through a broken down part of the wall. Quentin went back and deactivated the trap just to be safe and we ended the session as the characters headed through a stairway to the next room.

Session 12/11/10

The characters continued to the temple and discovered a couple guards at the entrance. After a failed attempt to lure the guards away from the entrance, which also lead to an increased alert being put up around the temple, the characters decided to scout around the temple first and attempt to pick off any patrols. They managed to clean up one patrol and eventually made their way back to the entrance where Killbot got impatient and lept into the open. After dealing with the guards the characters entered the temple and found a carving on the far end of the main hall. After searching they found a small carving worked into it that showed the temple they’re in but with the entrance missing and a cave in it’s place. They also uncovered a secret door at the other end of which they found a dire wolverine and another Blackscale lizardfolk. After a fight where i was pretty sure i was going to kill everyone we ended the session.

Session 12/4/10

The characters began the session gearing up after the haul they pulled off the last two adventures. After reconvening they receive a House Sivis message that tells them they have a job offer and are to meet at Kerns Rest and Revelry in the morning. When they arrive they are directed to a room with a man who introduces himself as Sur’Kil (I didn’t realize that his name was technically Sir Kill until i said it aloud). He told the characters he had a job for which they would be paid 250gp a week and it should last around 4 weeks, he said he would pay them half up front. Since the negotiator hadn’t arrived yet (Tony was late to this session) they accepted under these terms and he told them they would leave in the afternoon by lightening rail. After switching over to a charted elemental galleon they arrived in Adderport on the coast of Qubarra.

They asked around town and got really no new information (the druid might have squeezed a little new info out of a baboon he shifted to talk to in the jungle outside town). They eventually headed into the jungle and ran into a tribe of Cold Sun lizardfolk. They apparently had just given tribute to the blackscales who had also taken there tribal spear. The characters seemed interested in helping them and offered healing and said they may look into the spear for them. They were eventually ambushed on the trail by small sized lizardfolk. They managed to kill all of them but one did manage to use an alarm whistle before he was killed. As they continued they were attacked again by 2 large black lizardfolk. They eventually came upon a couple of lizardfolk encampments off the main path and, after dealing with the current residence, decided to rest before heading ahead to the temple.

Session from 11/27/10

The characters escaped the two crashing airships by using the Staff of Transmutation (stolen from the ships secure cargo hold) to turn Killbot into a Young Red Dragon and ride him to safety, making use of his breath weapon on a skiff of archers on his way. They spotted Lucan fleeing the wreckage of the airships and followed him to a temple in the center of a lake. They eventually fought there way to Lucan staked him and took him back to Sharn to collect their reward.

Adventure the Third

The characters receive a letter from the Kings Dark Lanterns offering them work. After being caught trying to break into the restricted area they were meant to meet at they are offered an “interview”. The interview is to capture a Dire Gorilla let loose in a greenhouse alive. They manage to do so and receive instruction on the job they’re being offered. The job is to find a rogue agent who stole a valuable sword and has fled. The characters head to Trolanport with the only clue they were given which was the word “Krell”. They manage to find out that Krell must be Neya ir’Krell an Aundarian diplomat who resides in Trolanport. The group manages to get into a masquerade ball that is happening that Krell should be attending. After locating her they learn that Lucan is heading to Karrnath and has been granted access to an airship leaving shortly. After racing to the airship, they board, pay horribly yet again for passage, and begin searching for Lucan. They end up searching the secure cargo hold of the ship where they find a Staff of Transmutation and claim it for themselves. Shortly after they realize the ship is under attack by Emerald Claw agents.

Adventure the Second

The characters find the House Sivis message station they are told to check routinely for a message for a potential job offer ransacked. They piece together that it was done by a warforged with a few kobold followers. They receive a message from a giant owl shortly after to meet Lady E. While discussing they’re next venture they are attacked by a warforged and several kobolds. They fight off the warforge and head to Darguun to meet a contact to help them to they’re next destination. Along the way their ship is attacked by skeletons. After they pay horrendously for transport to the next location they head to Rose Quarry where they find Emerald Claw agents already searching the area. After finding the location of Whitehearth they pay even more for a ride to it in the Mournland. In Whitehearth they befriend an awaked dire wolf and eventually find the Schema. They are ambushed leaving the facility by the Emerald Claw who they give a copy of the Schema to. They return to Darguun and are paid to transport Lady E. back to Sharn.

The First Schema

The characters started in a abandoned part of the underbelly of Sharn in search of a Schema for Lady Elaydrin d’Cannith. After dealing with the forges guardians and the inhabitants of the caves they found the Schema and were then ambushed by a follower of the Lord of Blades. They managed to fight him off and return to the surface with the Schema. They were instructed by Elaydrin to check in with the House Sivis message station for more possible work.


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