Eberron Adventures

Session 12/4/10

The characters began the session gearing up after the haul they pulled off the last two adventures. After reconvening they receive a House Sivis message that tells them they have a job offer and are to meet at Kerns Rest and Revelry in the morning. When they arrive they are directed to a room with a man who introduces himself as Sur’Kil (I didn’t realize that his name was technically Sir Kill until i said it aloud). He told the characters he had a job for which they would be paid 250gp a week and it should last around 4 weeks, he said he would pay them half up front. Since the negotiator hadn’t arrived yet (Tony was late to this session) they accepted under these terms and he told them they would leave in the afternoon by lightening rail. After switching over to a charted elemental galleon they arrived in Adderport on the coast of Qubarra.

They asked around town and got really no new information (the druid might have squeezed a little new info out of a baboon he shifted to talk to in the jungle outside town). They eventually headed into the jungle and ran into a tribe of Cold Sun lizardfolk. They apparently had just given tribute to the blackscales who had also taken there tribal spear. The characters seemed interested in helping them and offered healing and said they may look into the spear for them. They were eventually ambushed on the trail by small sized lizardfolk. They managed to kill all of them but one did manage to use an alarm whistle before he was killed. As they continued they were attacked again by 2 large black lizardfolk. They eventually came upon a couple of lizardfolk encampments off the main path and, after dealing with the current residence, decided to rest before heading ahead to the temple.



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