Eberron Adventures

Session 12/18

The characters continued after healing up after the previous fight. They ran into another group of lizardmen and, after another fight where I was pushing for a TPK, retreated to the jungle to regroup. They returned and found a passage in a well that led beneath the temple. Below they found the black dragons’, who had been plaguing them throughout the temple, hoard. After a very quick sort through the hoard Quentin found a secret passage that lead to a long hallway with a portcullis at the end. After reaching the portcullis the characters activated a trap and the wall began moving towards them. Using the staff of polymorph, Lanbo turned himself into a dire bear and smashed through a broken down part of the wall. Quentin went back and deactivated the trap just to be safe and we ended the session as the characters headed through a stairway to the next room.



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