Eberron Adventures

Session 12/11/10

The characters continued to the temple and discovered a couple guards at the entrance. After a failed attempt to lure the guards away from the entrance, which also lead to an increased alert being put up around the temple, the characters decided to scout around the temple first and attempt to pick off any patrols. They managed to clean up one patrol and eventually made their way back to the entrance where Killbot got impatient and lept into the open. After dealing with the guards the characters entered the temple and found a carving on the far end of the main hall. After searching they found a small carving worked into it that showed the temple they’re in but with the entrance missing and a cave in it’s place. They also uncovered a secret door at the other end of which they found a dire wolverine and another Blackscale lizardfolk. After a fight where i was pretty sure i was going to kill everyone we ended the session.



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