Eberron Adventures

New Beginnings

Sessions from 11/2 and 11/16

New game started with a new group in the same world as the old one. Current group includes Vel a changeling rogue/wizard, Gryxx a goblin artificer/rogue, and an as yet unamed shifter barbarian/rogue. The group begins in the Lhazaar Principalities and received a job from a blue haired gnome named Ajax. The job was to break into the The Vorgaard Estate and steal a set of gems from a storage vault there. Flash forward after glorious success.

The characters are hired by a Dwarf named Torvin to break onto a Cannith stormship that will be porting for a few days to get a prototype warforged docent on it’s way to Karnnath. The characters managed to get off the boat with minimal ruckus caused (Gryxx did yell smoke bomb and drop a noxious smoke stick right before jumping off the ship), and managed to grab anything else they could get there hands on.



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