Eberron Adventures

Compiled Sessions up to Feb 26

The characters entered the library and found some Vol cultists walking out with the journal they were after. After killing them they managed to retreat back through the fire and began looking over the journal. They found that some pages had been removed and they believed it was by one of Eliam’s companions, a gnome named Thraxis. They managed to find out that Thraxis had been kidnapped and taken to a slave labor camp underneath Dreadhold prison. They worked out a deal with some pirates, who they felt were very incompetent, and after stealing a boat due for the prison were on their way.

After arriving at Dreadhold they dealt with the few guards they found on the way to Jukeam’s, another prisoner they had aggreed to help the pirates get out, cell. He lead them deeper into the prison to where Thraxis was believed to be. After releasing some strange prisoners from the high security block of the prison they found there way into the mines deeper in the prison. The had a quick fight with some dolgaunts and managed to find Thraxis’ body which was covered in tatoos and notes that seemed to be related to the journal. After escaping, with the two very dangerous criminals they released, the pirates made them leave the boat in a town far from the one they came to.

After deciphering the notes and symbols on Thraxis’ body, and burying him in a shallow grave in an alleyway along with some misc. items, the characters now only needed a map of the island to find there way. They found that a pirate prince had one of the only copies of the map in the area and after a charm person spell and a couple lost bets on some arm wrestling they were allowed to copy the map and were on their way to the haunted island of Trebaz Sinara.

As they arrived at the island they’re small rowbaot was attacked by an undead whale and some lacedons. After making their way past them and completely holding down and fingering a dragonne they found there way to the “ring of fire”. After finding there heading and an intense fight with a huge fire elemental they found their way to the caverns leading to Jheamast’s tomb.

They encountered some spiders and web mummies inside and after finding a staircase that was activated by their dragonmarks they activated a trap. The roof of the room collapsed on them and two undead gray renders dropped with it. After a long fight they retreated to a rope trick to rest.



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