Eberron Adventures

Adventure the Third

The characters receive a letter from the Kings Dark Lanterns offering them work. After being caught trying to break into the restricted area they were meant to meet at they are offered an “interview”. The interview is to capture a Dire Gorilla let loose in a greenhouse alive. They manage to do so and receive instruction on the job they’re being offered. The job is to find a rogue agent who stole a valuable sword and has fled. The characters head to Trolanport with the only clue they were given which was the word “Krell”. They manage to find out that Krell must be Neya ir’Krell an Aundarian diplomat who resides in Trolanport. The group manages to get into a masquerade ball that is happening that Krell should be attending. After locating her they learn that Lucan is heading to Karrnath and has been granted access to an airship leaving shortly. After racing to the airship, they board, pay horribly yet again for passage, and begin searching for Lucan. They end up searching the secure cargo hold of the ship where they find a Staff of Transmutation and claim it for themselves. Shortly after they realize the ship is under attack by Emerald Claw agents.



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